Guests at new years celebration wearing custom printed holographic glitter wristbands

Custom Holographic Wristbands

Looking for something to make your event extra special? Let our holographic wristbands bring an added dash of sparkle and shine. Their vibrant colors and patterns make them an instant hit at nightclubs, festivals, and special access events.

Types of Custom Holographic Event Wristbands

These glamorous bands come in sheets of 10, and can be sequentially numbered for easier crowd management.

Custom Sparkle Wristbands

Classy and vibrant, perfect for backstage access. Secure one-time-use snap closure
Custom Print Fee: $55

Custom Glitter Wristbands

Classy and bold, perfect for any multiday event. Secure one-time-use snap closure
Custom Print Fee: $55

Custom Techno Wristbands

Stylish and vibrant, ideal for VIP access. Secure one-time-use snap closure
Custom Print Fee: $55

Why Choose Our Holographic Wristbands?

  • Stand Out in Style

    Our holographic wristbands are not just about functionality; they're a statement of style and vibrancy. With our Sparkle and Techno patterns, your guests will sport a dazzling VIP look that's hard to miss.

  • Superior Durability

    Crafted from a tri-laminate material, these wristbands promise high durability, stretch resistance, and comfort, even in wet environments, making them perfect for multi-day events.

  • Unrivaled Visibility and Security

    Counterfeiting is virtually impossible, thanks to the unique holographic design. Plus, the one-time-use security snap closure ensures the wristband can't be transferred, keeping your event secure.

  • High Customizability

    Customize your wristbands with your logo, custom messaging, or even serial numbers for added security.

Need Holographic Wristbands in a Hurry?

We offer same-day print and ship service so you receive your custom wristbands promptly.

Streamlining Your Event Security

Our Sparkle and Techno holographic wristbands come in many colors and patterns, allowing you to assign a unique look for each day of your event. Here are some benefits:

Customizing your Wristband

Create a unique, secure, and memorable guest experience with our custom wristbands. Showcase your logo, advertise promotions, sponsor logos, and incorporate unique security identifiers like QR codes.

Frequently Asked Questions about Custom Holographic Wristbands

You can customize any of our three holographic band types; Sparkle, Glitter and Techno wristbands with logos, messaging, and custom serial numbers for added security.

Our plastic holographic wristbands are crafted from a bi-laminate material, making them highly durable, stretch-resistant, and waterproof. They’re designed for comfort, making them ideal for multi-day events.

With unique holographic designs, our wristbands are nearly impossible to counterfeit due to the reflective material. The one-time-use security snap closure ensures the wristband can’t be transferred, bolstering your event’s security.

These bands are often used as wearable identification for guests with VIP access at events.

We offer a same-day print and ship service. Place your order early in the day along with your artwork approval, and your custom holographic wristbands will be coming to you by the end of the day! *Priority service fees do apply.

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