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Custom Wristbands

Transform your event with our vibrant and unique custom printed wristbands that let you stand apart from the crowd. With your personalized text, graphics, and logos, these bands will help you put the ‘special’ in your special occasion. Plus, you can enjoy our quick production time, as fast as 1-2 business days!

Great Collection of Custom Wristbands & Bracelets for Events

Whether it’s for events, parties, or sporting activities, we’ve got a variety of custom wristbands to suit your needs:

Custom Tyvek® Wristbands

Economical, durable, and secure with a one-time-use adhesive closure. Ideal for events with QR code requirements

Custom Eco Wristbands

Economical, sporting a high-definition print, and secure with a one-time-use adhesive closure. Perfect for sporting events

Custom Plastic Wristbands

Very durable and secure with a one-time-use snap closure and stretch resistant material. Perfect for wet and dry events

Custom Vinyl Wristbands

Extremely durable and secure with a one-time-use snap closure. Perfect for events requiring redeemable tickets

Custom Holographic Wristbands

Stylish, secure with a one-time-use snap closure. Ideal for VIP access at events

Custom Cloth Fabric Wristbands

Trendy, durable, and secure with a one-time-use closure. Perfect for events looking for a trendy vibe

Better Event Access Control with Customized Wristbands

Our custom wristbands do more than just look good – they are a strategic asset for your event management. Incorporating them in your venue helps secure your event, manage paying patrons, and easily identify guests with particular access and requirements.

  • Enhanced Security

    By opting for our Personalized Bracelets, you effectively eliminate the risk of unauthorized guests infiltrating your event. Stock wristbands, commonly found at party stores or online, can be duplicated easily. However, a unique design or security marks on your custom wristbands can't be counterfeited - putting a firm stop to any gatecrashers!

  • Effective Marketing Tool

    On top of security, our customizable wristbands are powerful promotional tools. They carry your marketing messages, business details, event highlights, and promotions to a targeted mass audience.

    What's more, you can invite your sponsors to chip in for the event costs by featuring their advertisements and promotions on your event wristbands!

  • Prevent Counterfeiting

    Creating a unique design per event not only enhances your brand visibility but also strengthens your security, making it impossible for gatecrashers to forge entry.

Need your Custom Wrist bands in a Rush?

Our Priority Service allows you to jump the line to get your order produced and shipped the same business day!

How Can Custom Wristbands Boost Your Business?

Custom wristbands offer more than just a stylish accessory for your event attendees – they’re an investment in your business. Here’s how:

Frequently Asked Questions about Customized Event Wristbands

Our average production time is 7 business days but we understand that sometimes you need things in a hurry. That’s why we offer a priority production service, as fast as 1-2 business days. And if you’re really in a rush, we can even print and ship your order on the same day!

Custom wristbands greatly enhance security at events. By printing unique and event-specific information on the wristbands, it’s easy to identify counterfeit wristbands. Furthermore, a unique design or security marks on your custom wristbands can’t be easily duplicated, making it harder for unauthorized guests to enter your event.

Custom wristbands serve as a walking advertisement. You can customize your wristbands with your brand, event promotions, social network links, and even a QR code. Plus, your event sponsors can purchase advertising space on your wristbands, providing additional exposure.

We offer a wide range of custom wristbands to suit different event needs, including Tyvek®, Galaxy, Plastic, Vinyl, Holographic, Soft Comfort, and Cloth Fabric wristbands. Each of them can be customized according to your event theme and requirements.

Absolutely! Custom wristbands are a great way to raise awareness, increase community participation, and generate funds for a cause. You can do this through custom messages, graphics, and links to your fundraising website

Wristbands247 barcode wristbands can be integrated with your Point of Sale (POS) systems, enabling guests to make cashless purchases, redeem prizes or reward points, and even track rentals. This not only improves the customer experience but also helps you streamline your operations and reduce the need for physical cash handling.

Yes, you can! We offer a user-friendly design tool for you to create your own unique wristbands. Whether you want to upload your logo, insert text, or choose from our existing designs, we’ve got you covered.

Our custom wristbands are competitively priced, starting as low as $13.95 per pack. Pricing can vary depending on the type of wristband and the level of customization required. For detailed pricing, please refer to our product pages.

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