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Event Wristbands

Popular Wristbands for Events

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Tyvek® Event Wristbands

Durable, paper-like wristbands with tamperproof adhesive closure.

Plastic Event Wristbands

Extremely durable and secure, featuring a single-use plastic snap closure.

Vinyl Event Wristbands

Exceptional durability for multi-day events and ultimate comfort.

Cloth Event Wrist bands

Exceptional durability and secure, stylish and great for branding/keepsakes.

Customizable Event Wristbands with Rapid Turnaround and Exceptional Service

Why Choose Wristbands 247 for Your Wristband Needs?

If you’re in the market for wristbands available in a range of materials, colors to fit all wrist sizes, you’ve found the perfect place! At Wristbands 247, we boast the broadest selection of colored wristbands and lanyards, featuring various patterns and finishes. Our inventory includes both ready-to-ship and customizable options, ensuring you have the flexibility needed for your upcoming event. Our primary products include Tyvek® (paper) wristbands, as well as plastic, vinyl, silicone, and cloth varieties. For those seeking something more tailored and unique, we also provide exclusive features like redemption tags, numbering, bar codes, and RFID technology!

Short-term events

For one-day events, we suggest our comfortable, one-time-use wristbands available in Tyvek®, plastic, and vinyl. Each type comes with tamper-resistant closures and is waterproof, tear-proof, and non-transferable, ensuring durability and reliability. You can rest easy knowing that guests won’t be able to remove or exchange their bands. Tracking admissions to your venue becomes seamless process. Unsure about which style to choose? Learn more about each type of the disposable bands below:

Tyvek® paper wristbands are a popular choice among our customers. Crafted from a durable, paper-like material that is tear-resistant, these bracelets are an economical choice for short-term use at venues like amusement parks, nightclubs, bars, aquariums, and museums, lasting 1-2 days.

Sleek and robust, our multi-layered plastic bracelets offer enhanced security and support. Featuring unique designs like VIP and holographic patterns, these plastic bands are difficult to replicate, making them ideal for securing environments such as hotels, resorts, waterparks, and hospitals.

Constructed from three layers of fabric and material, our vinyl wristbands are the most durable single-use bracelets available. They come with detachable stubs that can be exchanged for food, prizes, coat checks, valet services, and more. These sturdy vinyl bands are favored for use in stadiums, sporting arenas, auctions, music festivals, and church retreats.

Multi-day events

For multi-day events requiring enhanced security, consider our one-time use custom cloth wristbands. These printable wristbands are crafted from high-quality, safe, and durable materials, making them ideal for ensuring participant security and event integrity. They are perfect for advertising, promotions, and fundraising events where a secure, non-transferable admission solution is essential. Each wristband can be customized with specific text, phrases, or themes, making them a practical yet memorable part of your event’s branding and security measures.

We also provide lanyards, perfect for identification, security, medical purposes, and more. Made from 100% polyester, our one-size-fits-all lanyards are accessible to everyone. These lanyards are excellent marketing tools as they can be fully customized with any message or slogan. At Wristbands 247, we offer full-color designs on our lanyards through silkscreen, sublimation, and woven methods. Unsure which method suits your needs? Contact us today to explore our extensive customization options, including various accessories, attachments, clips, and badge holders.

Quick Industry Turnaround Times

We understand that our products are crucial for special events such as birthdays, funerals, general event admissions, and live performances, many of which are once-in-a-lifetime occasions.

Recognizing the importance of timely delivery, we offer the fastest wristband production times in the industry.

Our in-stock wristbands can ship the same day, and custom wristband orders can be dispatched as early as the next business day.

When you order your event wristbands from us, we ensure rapid delivery, providing you with service as if you had a personal wristband shop nearby.

With our industry-leading speed, quality, and customer service, you can count on us to reliably meet your needs every time you need to restock.

Exceptional Customer Service

At Wristbands 247, exceptional customer service is our commitment. Leveraging over 25 years of experience in the identification solutions industry, we dedicate ourselves to providing:

  • Expert product knowledge
  • Fastest turnaround times
  • Speedy shipping
  • The most competitive prices
  • Bulk discounts on wristbands

Rest assured, your satisfaction is our priority.

We recognize that choosing the right wristband isn’t always straightforward, especially just from pictures. That’s why we’ve streamlined the process on our website with tools and guides to make selecting and designing wristbands simple and direct. Whether for a specific event or a fundraiser, our continuously updated products and printing methods ensure you find exactly what you need without extra hassle.

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