Group of friends wearing over 21 drinking age identification wristbands at nightclub

Bar & Nightclub Wristbands

Wristbands247 presents a broad array of Bar and Nightclub wristbands that have become the go-to solution for admission, VIP access, security checks, coat checks, and age verification in nightlife venues. Our wristbands are stylish, secure, and versatile, ensuring a seamless experience for your patrons and efficient crowd management for your venue.

Top Choices of Wristbands for Bars & clubs

Our Bar and Nightclub wristbands offer an excellent solution for effective gate control, crowd management, and comfortable wear. They help identify VIP guests, verify ages, and monitor admission, creating a smooth experience for your staff and patrons.

Tyvek® Wristbands for Bars & Nightclubs

Our Tyvek® wristbands are popular, offering an affordable yet secure option for crowd monitoring. They are water-resistant, and the ink stays intact. You can select from in-stock or custom Tyvek® designs, allowing you to create a unique band with your text and logo.

We offer specific designs for age verification:

● Over 21 Wristbands
● Age Verified Wristbands

Plastic Wristbands for Clubs and Bars

Plastic wristbands are great for extended use, offering more durability and less commonality than Tyvek® bands.

They are waterproof and perfect for withstanding spilled drinks. You can customize them to your needs. We also offer age-verified and VIP plastic wristbands.

Holographic Wristbands for VIP Access

Add a touch of glamor with our holographic plastic wristbands, perfect for creating a vibrant and memorable experience for your guests.

They stand out in a crowd, and we also offer VIP holographic bands for an even more distinctive look.

Wristbands: The New Standard for Bars and Nightclubs

Stepping beyond traditional hand stamps or paper tickets, wristbands are emerging as the optimal choice for identification and admission in bars and nightclubs across the globe. They are almost impossible to misplace or swap, adding a layer of security to your establishment. Crafted for durability and water resistance, our wristbands are the ideal evidence of paid admission, allowing hassle-free re-entry.

Versatile Wristbands for a Host of Applications

Our wristbands not only streamline admission but also serve numerous purposes to amplify your guests’ experience:

  • General admission ticketing and crowd management
  • Coat and article check-in with numbered detachable ticket stubs
  • Exclusive VIP wristbands for private lounges and seating areas
  • Age verification wristbands for hassle-free drink order processing
  • Promotional discounts at the on-site gift shop
  • Beverage redemptions for designated drivers
  • Special access for group events (birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, etc.)
  • Beverage sponsor advertisements

Tips to Safeguard Your Venue against Unauthorized Entry

Prevent illegal entry and counterfeiting by implementing a few simple measures:

  • Use different wristband colors, patterns, and custom messages for unique identification
  • Opt for UV Security Ink for custom print graphics, visible only under UV fluorescent or black lighting – a cost-effective security measure.
  • Assign specific number ranges to wristbands for different days or special events.
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