Friends at concert event wearing customized eco friendly wristbands with full color hd print

Custom Eco-Friendly Paper Wristbands

Stand out from the crowd and make an eco-conscious choice with our Custom Eco Wristbands! With a production time as fast as 1 business day, you can tailor your Eco adhesive wristbands to perfection with logos, QR/barcodes, sponsor promotions, high-definition photo-quality graphics, and personalized text.

HD Full Color
Stunning HD Color & Variable Data Security

Our Custom Adhesive Wristbands for Events

Custom 3/4" Eco Paper Band

With a narrow print area, this economical and secure option offers HD print quality
Black Ink Print: Free
Full Color Print: $45

Custom 1" Eco Paper Band

Larger print area with HD print. A perfect ID band for greater visibility
Black Ink Print: Free
Full Color Print: $45

Your Event, Your Design

Our eco-friendly paper wristband offer boundless customization options and variable data printing capabilities. Whether you’re planning a concert, conference, or fundraiser, these wristbands are the perfect canvas for your brand and ideal for sustainable event management.

With vibrant, photo-quality graphics, these wristbands not only serve as an essential security tool but also become an effective method of brand promotion, counterfeit prevention, and a revenue generator through sponsorships.

Like our renowned custom Tyvek® wristbands, Eco wristbands are a great choice for short-term use in both wet and dry environments. These wristbands offer the triple advantage of comfort, durability, and high security due to their one-time use adhesive closure.

Choose from 3/4″ and 1″ widths to best suit your event needs.

Need Your Eco Wrist bands in a Rush?

Our Priority Service allows you to jump the line to get your order produced and shipped the same business day!

Full color custom printed eco friendly paper wristband used for beach event admission

Multifunctional Eco Wristbands for Your Event Needs

Eco-friendly paper wristbands can seamlessly cater to a variety of applications and functions at your event:

Eco Paper Wristbands offer several beneficial Event Security features

Wristbands247 Eco Wristbands come packed with features that bolster event security:

  • Secure Ticketing

    Customize your Event Wristband with special security identifiers, personalized guest information, seating assignments, and more to transform an ordinary ID Wristband into an Event Ticket.

  • Tamper-evident Closures

    Wristbands247 Eco Wristband closures have been specially designed to shred if tampered with, making it easy for event security and staff to detect.

  • Serial Numbering

    All stock Eco wrist bands come with a serial number printed on the band for quick and easy tracking. Custom serial numbering is available on all custom orders.

  • High Visibility

    Our neon-colored adhesive eco-friendly wristbands and custom printing illuminate under black light, making it easy for security staff to spot paying guests and quickly identify any counterfeit wristbands.

Elevating Event Security

Choose from our Tyvek and plastic wristband products, which come in an extensive collection of single-use, pre-made designs for a unique look.

Customizing Your Wristband

If you want something special, secure, and unique, ordering custom wristbands for your event is the ideal solution.

Advertise your logo and promotions, share your sponsor’s logo and promotions, or add special security identifiers, QR codes & more.

Customize to meet your vision and needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Eco Paper Wristbands

We understand the pressing needs of event management. That’s why we’ve streamlined our production process to be as quick as possible. For custom eco adhesive wristbands, our production time can be as fast as 1 business day. However, the actual delivery time would also depend on the shipping method chosen and the destination.

Our Eco bands come with several built-in security features. They have tamper-evident closures which are specially designed to shred if tampered with, making any attempt at manipulation visible. They also come with unique serial numbering for easy tracking. Moreover, the vibrant neon colors and custom HD printing make them highly visible, making it easier for your security team to identify paying guests and detect counterfeit wristbands.

Absolutely! We offer extensive customization options for Galaxy wristbands. You can add your logo, event-specific text, high-definition graphics, sponsor promotions, QR/barcodes and more. You can also choose from various widths to best suit your event’s needs.

These wristbands are designed with a focus on sustainability. The materials used in their production are eco-friendly, reducing their environmental impact. By choosing our Eco wristbands, you’re making a conscious choice towards a greener planet.

Yes, you can. Our Eco paper-like wristbands are perfect for showcasing sponsor logos and promotions. This not only provides a valuable advertising space for your sponsors but also helps generate additional revenue for your event.

Absolutely. Eco wristbands can be customized with event-specific information, transforming them into effective wearable event tickets. By adding unique security identifiers, personalized guest information, seating assignments, and more, you can make your event management process more efficient and secure.

The pricing for custom Eco wristbands starts at $45 for full color custom printing and black ink only prints are free of charge. Packs are available as low as $13.95 per pack.

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