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Eco Friendly Paper Wristbands

Customize your bracelets with full-color personalized text, vibrant graphics, and distinctive logos. Production time as low as 1 business day!

High-Quality, Biodegradable Wristbands for Events

Eco Paper Wristbands are the perfect blend of affordability and quality. Produced in sheets of 10 and sequentially numbered within a box.

Wristbands247® Eco Wristbands are not just premium identification wristbands; they’re a statement. Every wristband is an opportunity to dazzle with your creativity, flaunting high-definition, full-color graphics, logos, barcodes, QR codes, variable data, and sponsor advertisements. Every tiny detail, rendered in stunning clarity, turns each wristband into a wearable piece of art.

3/4" Eco Solids

Enjoy a slim-fit, economical choice with HD print quality and 16 vibrant stock colors

1" Eco Solids

Prefer a wider fit? Same economical choice with HD print quality

3/4" Eco Patterns

Choose from over 50 full-color, high-definition designs

Wristbands247 eco paper wristband features infographic
3/4 inch eco wristbands solid worn by guest at outdoor event

Greener Choice: Eco Paper Event Wristbands

A whopping 90% of the material composition comes from elements naturally and sustainably sourced from Mother Earth. But we don’t stop there. Eco wristbands are designed to give back to nature, being highly compostable, particularly beneficial in neutralizing acidic soils.

The wristbands are non-toxic and harmless to both humans and the environment. Furthermore, 85% of the material is composed of primary components that meet ASTM D06852 requirements for biodegradable products.

From nature, back to nature – our eco friendly wristbands are recyclable, completing the circle of life and embodying our commitment to sustainability.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Eco-Friendly Wristbands

Our Eco bands offer a range of customization options. These include full-color graphics and text, QR codes for prizes and discounts, pin or barcodes for enhanced security or data collection, special security marks to prevent counterfeiting, and advertising space for sponsors.

Eco adhesive wristbands are more than just eco-friendly; they’re also biodegradable. About 90% of their material composition is derived from naturally and sustainably sourced elements. Moreover, these wristbands are highly compostable and beneficial in neutralizing acidic soils. They’re also non-toxic and harmless to humans and the environment.

Yes, our Eco id wristbands are recyclable, embodying our commitment to sustainability. After their use, they can be recycled back into the natural environment.

Yes, the wristbands can be adorned with your personalized text, vibrant graphics, and distinctive logos. They are designed to render every tiny detail in stunning clarity, turning each wristband into a wearable piece of art.
Our production time is as low as just one business day, ensuring that you receive your custom wristbands in a timely manner.

We offer a variety of wristband options. These include 3/4″ Solids and Patterns, as well as 1″ Solid colors and Patterns. Whether you prefer a slim or wider fit, and whether you’re planning a one-day or multi-day event, we have options to suit your needs.

Yes, our Eco security wristbands are a perfect fit for any event, whether it’s a corporate gathering, festival, or private party. With their mix of style, security, and sustainability, they are designed to elevate your event experience.

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