VIP guests wearing plastic holographic glitter wristbands at night club

Holographic Plastic Wristbands

Does your event need an extra splash of style? It’s time to introduce our Holographic Plastic Wristbands to the party! They designed with mesmerizing metallic and glitter accents, but their vivid colors also ensure effortless identification of paid guests by security personnel.

Eye-catching metallic and glitter patterns

Sparkle Bands

Glam up your event with our Glitter Sparkle Holographic ID Wristband. These VIP bands are available in 9 gleaming designs, each one boasting a secure snap closure to keep your event safe

Glitter Bands

Make events POP and dazzle your guests with our Holographic Glitter ID Wristband. These VIP bands are available in 11 glimmering designs, each one featuring a secure snap closure for secure crowd control

Techno Bands

For those seeking a more avant-garde aesthetic, we offer our Holographic Techno Wristband. Choose from 7 exclusive hologram designs, all featuring our durable snap closure

A Perfect Choice for Special Events, Parties & VIP Guests

  • Uniquely Stylish

    These are not your ordinary wristbands. Our Holographic Wristbands, adorned with vibrant patterns, promise to be the life of any event. They're not just accessories, they're fashion statements!

  • Built to Endure

    Each wristband is designed to withstand the elements. They're water-resistant, tear-resistant, and ideal for multi-day festivals, celebrations, and VIP extravaganzas.

  • Super Secure

    Equipped with secure, one-time-use snaps, our wristbands eliminate the risk of sharing and unauthorized entries. Keep your event safe without compromising on style.

  • Marketer's Best Friend

    Use our wristbands to enhance your branding game. With the option to customize them with your sponsors' logos or promotional messages, these wristbands could be your new revenue-generating heroes. What's more, they're a great weapon against counterfeits.

Raising the Bar for Event Security & Management

Our holographic wristbands are much more than fashionable accessories. They’re functional tools that streamline event management and enhance security:

Wristbands247 plastic holographic wristband security features infographic
Party goers wearing one-time use holographic glitter wristbands for celebration

Make it Yours: Custom Holographic Wristbands

Elevate your event with bespoke wristbands. Customization allows you to:

Frequently Asked Questions about Holographic Wristbands

Our wristbands are crafted to withstand water and tears, making them ideal for multi-day events.

Our wristbands are designed with secure plastic snaps that lock once worn, preventing guests from sharing wristbands.

Absolutely! You can tailor the wristbands with your logo, sponsor’s logos, promotional messages, and more.

Yes! They’re ideal for any event, be it festivals, parties, or VIP events, and can serve as an additional layer of security and tracking.

You can reach out to us with your specifications and we’ll guide you through the ordering process.

The Glitter, Sparkle and Techno bands are priced at $18.50 per pack of 100, $49.50 (1-19 bxs of 500) and $47.50 (20+ bxs of 500). For customized orders, pricing will depend on the specific requirements.

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