Concert-goers wearing durable vinyl wide face wristbands for multiday access to music concert

Vinyl Wristbands

Let’s cut to the chase. You’re planning an event and you need wristbands that can weather the storm, handle extended wear, and come in a style that perfectly embodies your event’s vibe. Welcome to our Vinyl Wristbands.

The Versatility of Vinyl ID Wristbands

From concerts to camps, our vinyl wristbands are an all-rounder. Their 2-layer construction lends them superior durability, making them a favorite for patient identification in hospitals.

They’re great for ongoing events, with each band equipped with a plastic snap closure that has to be destroyed to be removed, ensuring no reapplying. With over ten holes for snapping the wristband together, these bands can fit any wrist size.

Vinyl L-Shape

This sleek and comfortable wristband is available in 15 vibrant colors. Durable as they come!

Vinyl Wide Face

These wristbands provide a large writable/imprint area and are available in 15 electrifying colors.

Vinyl 1 Stub

This innovative wristband features a detachable ticket stub and comes in 15 vivacious colors

Vinyl 3 Stub

With three detachable redemption tabs, this wristband can really juggle. Choose from 15 colors

Vinyl 5 Stub

This wristband comes with five detachable redemption tabs and 15 different color options

Vinyl 10 Stub

This vinyl wristband is a powerhouse with ten detachable redemption tabs. Select from 15 scintillating colors

Why Choose Our Vinyl Wristbands Events

With a 3-layer composition promising comfort, durability, and stretch resistance, these wristbands bring together style, security, and resilience like none other. Add a secure snap closure to the mix and you’ve got a wristband that ain’t going anywhere – it’s sticking right where it should be, on your guests’ wrists.

  • Built for the Spotlight

    Our Vinyl Event Wristbands are ready for action, whatever your event - indoors, outdoors, rain, or shine. High durability and water-resistance come built-in, so they're always functioning at their best.

  • Crafted for Comfort and Durability

    Each wristband is crafted from stretch and tear-resistant tri-laminate material, balancing lightweight comfort for long-term wear with robust durability for repeated use.

  • The Colors and Styles You Need

    Like their plastic cousins, our vinyl wristbands come in a range of colors and styles. Whatever your event's theme, there's a wristband to match.

  • Multi-Tasking Wristbands

    Here's the fun part - our vinyl ticket wristbands come with pull-off tabs that can serve as ride tickets or redemption coupons at concessions. Talk about a wristband that multitasks!

Frequently Asked Questions about Vinyl Event Wristbands

Yes, you can! You can customize your vinyl wristbands with variable data printing. This includes barcodes and unique numbering, ensuring each wristband provides secure, authenticated access to your venue. This option is not available online, but you can contact us to discuss your custom printing requirements.

Absolutely. We offer six different vinyl wristband styles which vary in length and width. They come with adjustable holes to ensure a perfect fit for every wrist.

Our vinyl wristbands are designed to be durable and can last up to 2 weeks, making them ideal for ongoing events.

Yes, we offer custom printing options, and you can incorporate your logo on the band to give it a unique touch and promote your event. Please note that this will add production time to your order.

The pull-off tabs on the vinyl ticket wristbands can be used as ride tickets or redemption coupons at concessions. This feature makes these wristbands extremely versatile and user-friendly.

No, the vinyl wristbands are designed to be non-transferable. Each wristband comes with a secure single-use snap closure. To remove the band, it must be destroyed, ensuring it cannot be reapplied.

Yes, vinyl wristbands are water-resistant. They can be used for both indoor and outdoor events and will function well even in wet conditions.

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